Custom Training

According to Ken Robinson, the author of The Element, education needs to be transformed through personalised education. It is the only way that we can hope to overcome the challenges that we face in our respective environments.

It is with the same idea that Quill opted to provide custom training programs for their clients. It is our intent to enable our clients to use the quill program in such a way that will suit their unique situations without compromising their elearning goals.

This is why our training programs can be done in three ways.

Traditional Classroom setting. This is the traditional face to face interaction of a teacher and students. This can be done in our own state of the art facility or we can bring the learning experience to your site.

Virtual Classroom. This is a scheduled session that can be accessed online where students learn remotely and instructors share screens to create an interactive learning experience.

Self-Paced Learning. This involves the access of archived video tutorials and training programs. It will allow student to learn at their own pace and in a location of their choosing.

Any of these training arrangements can be utilised by Quill clients depending on their day to day processes. That way, students or employees can learn without disrupting the normal operations of the institution or company.

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